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No BS C-11
, C 11 Recipe

Most people have found Barry Carter's write up on the Wet method [to produce C-11] so confusing & difficult to understand while leaving out some of the simple things one should do (and that's the way he intended it). That they don't even try to do it. I thought that it was about time that somebody took all the bs out, and stated what you need to know in simple terms concisely.

So here you have it. If you still have questions and don't want to follow the simple instructions, then read his way of putting it. (please excuse the harsh terms, I'm just tired of answering Emails from people that can't follow simple instructions. People if a material is specified, like glass containers, it is done for good reason). People should also understand that Barry Carter was not the inventor of this procedure, he just typed out what he had been told,

I spoke with the inventor of the procedure and learned what Barry Carter had left out. He did leave out some parts for a good reason, some people will have a hard time dealing with the stuff that the second part of the procedure makes.

First you need to get a few materials together, so here's the list with most possible substitutes included.

- (1) pH meter, the cheep pocket models by Hanna work great, just make sure to get one that has built in temperature compensation and some calibration solutions with it.

- (2) One Gallon glass containers, [as an alternative you can use HDPE plastic if you must, but you might as well know that plastic will add contaminates to your finished product].

Some real Sea salt or fresh sea water obtained from an area far from shipping lanes in an unpolluted area of the ocean far from shore. Most people prefer sea salt from the Dead Sea or from the  SaltLake in Utah. [Get a lot if you want to make a lot of C-11.] Get your salt without perfumes or added anti caking agents. Also get it without being purified [reconstituted and re dried].

Good, pure water, about 5 gallons per one gallon batch is needed. Distilled water works, and R/O water is preferable.

- (1) A stirrer, one long enough to reach the bottom of your glass container. It should be made of glass, but you can use plastic. Metal is a big no no, and so is wood [unless you like contaminates].

- (1) Small container of NaOH (Sodium Hydroxide). You can obtain this from assorted sources, including chemical supply houses, or you can pick up some Red Devil Lye at the super market. (My experience is that the Red Devil Lye is as pure as the stuff coming from most chemical supply houses, and a whole lot cheaper). Please take care with the Lye water made from mixing Sodium Hydroxide and water; it is very caustic and can cause death if ingested, and sever burns to the skin if exposed to it. As such, it is advisable to wear gloves and eye protection and label containers with this in it.

- (1) Quart Mason Jar or other glass container.

- (1) Eye dropper, preferably a glass one with a rubber bulb on the end.

- (1) Siphon hose, preferably HDPE plastic, and about 4 feet long.

# Now the how to do it part.

1). Take one of the gallon glass containers and pour in 3/4 of one gallon of pure water. [The water should be at room temp.] If you are using real sea water, skip steps 1 through 4.

2). Slowly add Sea Salt while stirring. When the salt no longer dissolves, stop adding salt and give it a 10 minuet break to let excess salt settle out. While you are taking a break, read the instructions that came with your pH meter and calibrate it.

3). Add 1 cup of pure water to the Sea water container.

4). Use your Siphon hose to transfer about 2/3 of the water with the dissolved salt to the second one gallon container.

5). Take your quart mason jar and fill it 3/4 of the way to the top with pure water.

6). Add NaOH to the water in the mason jar, about 4 heaping spoon full's is enough.

7). Stir the NaOH in the mason jar until it is completely dissolved. [Make more if you run out in later steps]

8). Add droppers of the NaOH solution to the Sea water in the gallon container while stirring. [always stir when adding NaOH]

9). Keep adding NaOH solution until the water just starts to become cloudy. [take your time and do not rush getting to this point, patience has it's rewards]

10). Use the pH meter to check the pH of the Sea Water in the container you have been adding NaOH to. The pH should be less than 11.00 on your meter.

11). Continue adding NaOH while stirring until your pH is in the area of 10.78 (you should check the pH often to insure that you do not over shoot the target and risk undesirable contamination.)

12). Once the desirable pH has been reached, let the precipitate settle out for a minimum of 8 hours, preferably over night or longer.

13). Siphon off the excess liquid above the precipitate at the bottom with your siphon hose taking care not to disturb the precipitate.

14). Add pure water to the precipitate and let sit undisturbed for a minimum of 8 hours, preferably over night or longer.

15). Repeat steps 13 & 14 two or more times.

16). Siphon off the excess water once more and transfer your remaining precipitate [C-11] to a suitable storage container [preferably glass] that can be closed.

Now, if you want something that is generally considered to be good for you and mild in effects go to step 17).a if you want something that is truly mostly orme go to 17).b and continue.

17).a Put away your supplies and enjoy your C-11. Note: it is best to consume fresh C-11, so making up a years supply at once is not always desirable. Your C-11 should be stored in the dark far away from electrical devices and magnetic fields of any kind.

I Hope that you enjoyed the 'No Bs C-11' procedure. Your C-11 is reported to contain 11 different Hydrides of metals that can develop into orme in your body over time and lots of trace minerals that most people are lacking in there diets along with ample laxative. Don't be fooled, there is no real ORME in step 17).a C-11, but Gold Hydride [AuH] does turn into Gold ORME once consumed, in a period between 9 to 13 months in most cases.

17).b Now repeat the washing step of 16) at least 3 more times, the objective here it to get out all the salt, taste test it and see if it is salty, if it is salty, then wash it again until it is not salty.

18). [In this step, you must use a glass container.] Next place your glass container of precipitate over a very low flame, the objective is to heat the water, but not to boil it. Now let it dry very slowly and watch it when you are getting close to 3/4 of the water evaporated, if all the precipitate has disappeared, then you now have what is known as the elixir of life, if the precipitate has not disappeared, then you need to add more water and continue letting it evaporate. When all the precipitate has disappeared, you have converted all the material to orme. The water you use will contain deuterium, also known as heavy hydrogen. This is the key element in the transformation from HAu [gold hydride] to orme gold.

Next you will either want to consume some of it or prepare it for maximum effect by charging and imprinting it. I Hope that you enjoyed the 'No Bs C-11' procedure.   

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