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I usually fill a bottle, such as a wine bottle, half way with water. Dissolve as much Dead Sea salts into it as I can (an ORMUS source purported to be high in gold m-state) which is usually about 1/3-1/2 cup, add 1/2 a thing of Welch's concord grape juice (which is supposedly higher in iridium, not gold), and drizzle in a quarter cup or so of olive oil.

Usually after about 1-2 weeks of shaking it periodically the oil produces pleasant m-state effects in the mouth, but the best layer is actually just under the oil, which is slimy and partly chunky. It works better unrefrigerated, and the extremely high salt content seems to be sufficient for keeping out bacteria. It does have an odd, but not overly unpleasant taste.

Often I forget these jars under the sink then come upon them months later. They are usually noticeably improved and stronger than newer batches. Perhaps this relates to alchemical processes wherein possibly the ormes cause meta-ordering of their surroundings over time.

The downside is that the oil limits the dosage your body can take, of course.

Tim (Berkeley)

# A very strong and simple method is just to put Raw Sea Salt in a bottle, say two spoons in a half liter empty mineral bottle, then to fill it with a good cooking oil; then after 2 days waiting, you can just put ONE DROP on your tongue and feel the effects ... I was very surprised to find it SO STRONG ! I let you try.

Anyway, for the scientists, it is THE PROOF THAT THERE IS SOMETHING IN THE SEA SALT, and that when immersed in oil, it migrates to the oil ! And it has an immediate (after 2-3 minutes) effect on our human body after ingestion. You can even just put the oil on your skin and the ORMEs will make there way to your blood    

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