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Roger Taylor, PhD, BVSc proposes that some recently discovered natural minerals, together called ORMUS, can boost the health of all life, including having a phenomenal effect on the growth of plant crops.




ORMUS is a series of elementary substances whose very existence had not

previously been suspected, and which have extraordinary beneficial effects

on plant, animal and human life.


The most unarguable results come from the use of ORMUS on plants; the effect

of supplementing them on the growth of crops is phenomenal. A walnut tree

for example, treated with ORMUS over several years, has grown to over twice

the size of untreated control trees, and is producing 6 times the weight of

nuts; the nuts are the size of tangerine oranges.


Besides hugely increased productivity, other benefits include: greater

resistance to pests, drought and cold; earlier maturation; longer shelf-life

and increased content of nutrients such as sugars, proteins, minerals and



To answer the question: “What is Ormus?” is not simple since it has to go beyond mainstream science. This account of the discovery outlines our knowledge up to the present. The story begins in the late 1970¹s with a rich cotton farmer in Arizona named David Hudson.


Because the volcanic soil in that region had unusual properties and the underlying rock was known to contain precious metals, he decided to have a complete quantitative elemental analysis done on it. His analysts were then puzzled to find a fraction that defied investigation: it had no metallic characteristics and no chemical reactions. Moreover, using a method which identifies each element by its characteristic spectrum, no such spectra were found in this fraction.


Eventually one spectroscopist suggested giving it a “longer burn”. It was

only then that spectral characteristics began to appear and, most

surprisingly, they were suggestive of certain precious metals. These

findings clearly demanded further investigation, so Hudson hired some

chemists and was determined to solve the problem. The results of what he

found are written up in considerable detail in his patent. He also gave a

number of public lectures. It was from watching 9 hours of these videotapes

that I first learned about it.


It is now understood that ORMUS is present in all living matter, soils and waters, and even the air. During the life of the Earth, however, most has probably been washed into the sea, leaving soils and most fresh waters depleted ­ which explains why supplementation has such astounding effects.


My experience with supplementing ORMUS includes an almost double increase in

potato and carrot yields in controlled trials, 16lb of shelled broad beans

from a single row, many carrots over 1lb, and a beetroot weighing 2lb 10oz.


However, no single article on this subject has appeared in any scientific

journal. It is because Hudson¹s claims are so challenging that I have

delayed writing about it in the hope of finding academic confirmation. While

no official academic research appears to be under way, a loose group of

scientists and lay people has been working on this subject for a number of

years. Without the benefit of funding or official laboratory premises, and

having no connection with Hudson, they have managed to reproduce at least

some of his claims.


Their work, together with that of Hudson, is summarised in a number of articles by one of these researchers, Barry Carter, on his extensive and informative web site, There are also several lively online forums, one of which, a science working group,discusses various aspects of the chemistry and physics, and the methodology for extracting and analysing these materials.


So what conclusions can be drawn so far? It is becoming clear that, with

this discovery, we are entering into a new and very complex area, and are

still very low on the learning curve. Indeed it might be said that a new

chapter in physics, chemistry and biology is being opened. With evidence

drawn both from Hudson and from scattered observations of the independent

researchers, the basic fact seems now beyond doubt, that a number of

precious (and some not so precious) metals can exist in a completely

different state, in which they are not metallic and have no recognisable

spectroscopic signature.


We are already seeing serious food shortages, and the signs are that these

will soon become much worse. By greatly enhancing the productivity of

organic agriculture, ORMUS could help to convince authorities to move away

from a genetically-engineered and chemically-assisted route, which is so

destructive. Moreover, ORMUS enables plants to make better use of minerals

already present, and thus could be used to revitalise depleted soils.


So little is required that it could even be sprayed from the air over large

areas such as deserts and degraded forests. Moreover, while complete purification according to Hudson's patent is difficult and expensive, there are many ways to make useful concentrates from many sources. Especially, the process to concentrate it from sea water is so simple and cheap that anyone can do it with minimal laboratory facilities. In addition, a number of more purified products, with different characteristics, are offered on the internet for human consumption*.


However, as things are, the scientific aspects are so exotic that ORMUS is

not likely to get academic respectability any time soon. And since it is so simple to produce from sea water it cannot be patented. Thus there is no way it could be profitably taken up by large corporations. Indeed, for this reason they

might well see it as a threat. Thus it is up to us, the people; we urgently

need proper statistically conducted trials**. Only with these might academic

and governmental institutions be persuaded to take notice. Please could

readers let me know of horticultural colleges, or otherwise, who might carry

out trials, for which who I would be willing to supply samples.


For further information:


*Most of these are in the US. One UK producer can be contacted at:

**In fact one such, from Louisiana State University, has recently been posted (


Roger Taylor



Roger Taylor has a PhD in immunology and set up the UK Medical Research

Council's Immunobiology Research Group at the University of Bristol, where

he directed work mainly on immunological tolerance. He has spent the last 18

years independently studying the scientific basis for subtle energy.



Positive News Publishing Ltd

Published with permission of Rober Taylor

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