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Ormus Minerals and Cautions

  • Ormus and Lye
    Ormus and Lye Source of Food Grady Lye
  • Ormus and Safety
    When working with lye, please wear goggles or a full-face visor (an industrial face protector), neoprene gloves, and a PVC lab apron.

Always use a spoon, preferably a plastic spoon, when taking your manna. A 1 tbsp. plastic measuring spoon works well for this, with room to prevent dripping.

NEVER, EVER DRINK FROM THE BOTTLE! Manna is an extremely life-supporting and life-sustaining material, so any germs or other biological matter introduced into the bottle from your mouth can quickly grow and multiply and spoil your manna.

Since bacteria and mold can easily grow in m-state precipitate, it is best to sterilize any material which you wish to store for long periods of time and to store it using water bath canning methods.

If making from the salt waters, you mustn't use polluted water.
When precipitating you must stir vigorously to avoid areas of high pH concentration.

You must also add your lye solution slowly and patiently, for the same reason.
You must wash your precipitate well so it has no taste of salt.
To get a really good product you must eliminate the hydroxides and anneal the m-state.

Also, I wouldn't advise taking m-state gold first.
You should prepare your body, physical and energy body, by first taking m-11, ocean water m-state.
After a month you can go to m-3, Great Salt lake which is iridium, rhodium and gold.
This will heal any chronic diseases and injured cells. This has a fair portion of gold in it.

If everyone uses the same strength of solutions, it is easier for us to diagnose what may have gone wrong when someone runs into a problem. For the processes detailed in the book, a 1:8 strength works very, very well. That is ½ cup of lye (NaOH) crystals mixed as described in the book into 1 quart of distilled water. This would be about 125 grams per liter of water in the metric system. 


Some folks get diarrhea from all the m-state magnesium in the m-state produced from the Dead Sea water. The percentage of magnesium can be reduced in the final product if you pull the pH back down after taking it up to 10.78.

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